A Python project that scrapes data from BC Jobs to see which skill set, among Python, SQL, Tableau, and Power BI, is most needed. Utilized BeautifulSoup and requests libraries.

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This project aims to build a web scraping tool using the BeautifulSoup library to extract job postings data from BC Jobs. The focus of this project is to extract data related to Data Analyst job postings and analyze the technical skill requirements that are most in demand.

The project involves scraping job postings data using various technical skills as keywords for the search query. The data extracted from each search query will be saved in a structured format, which can then be used to analyze the technical skills that are most in demand for Data Analyst roles in British Columbia.

Following is the final model of web scraping.

After scraping the BCJobs website, we can see that Python has the most job postings, with 115 results. However, we need to consider that this search includes not only data-related jobs, but also software developer and other tech jobs. SQL is the second most in-demand skill with 101 job postings, followed by Power BI with 43 job postings. Interestingly, Tableau only has 22 job postings. This suggests that while Tableau is a valuable tool for data visualization, it may not be as widely used as Power BI in the BC job market.

Overall, this model provides a simple and efficient way to compare the demand for different skill sets and access job postings and links. For future improvements, an automated updating system could be added to eliminate the need for manual updates and provide real-time job postings. Additionally, a notification system could be developed to alert users when new job postings are available for a specific skill set.